Dr Mel’s medicine cook book for healing

Every recipe offers functional medicine for healing.


This book was inspired by my own healing journey, and the journey of many beautiful souls who have survived and thrived. There was a time where I was sick , fat and fed up and I took a leap of faith by shifting my entire life to suit my well-being aspirations, a major undertaking, dedication and commitment. My transformation has been wonderful and I shed the layers of my sick, fat and fed-up being and stepped into my Nourished WellBeing.

During her service with Doctors Across Borders t/a Doctors Beyond Medicine Mel was exposed to so many different forms of chronic illness and disease. She quietly watched as so many people fought their own internal battles for survival as she herself was doing.

There is so much to think about when you are healing your body from life-long bad habits and most of us are not equipped with enough knowledge or time to do so. It is just plain overwhelming! One of the quickest and most fundamental ways of healing yourself is to make a conscious decision to move away from harmful nutrient deficient foods and to introduce nutrient dense healing foods. Unfortunately we have become so detached from our source of food and we have to be taught a new way of eating.

This book was conceptualised by the art of intuition and crafted in the knowledge of nutritional wisdom that Dr Melody Fourie gained during her studies as a Doctor of Natural Medicine and Nutrition and has been written to support your healing journey.

The theme of this book is Food as Medicine, after-all everything you eat should heal your body. Incorporating these recipes into your daily food regime or your healing program takes all the guesswork out of “What should I eat?” and allows you to explore the benefits of nutritional diversity as one of the most fundamental steps in your healing transformation, for this is the ‘Body’ part of Mind, Body, Spirit.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase this e-book for only R200.

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