Knysna lagoon
View of The Heads in Knysna, where the lagoon runs into the sea. Photos

Known as the ‘Jewel of the Garden Route’, Knysna is situated along the Indian Ocean in the Western Cape, South Africa; home to a pristine estuary and surrounded by hectares of lush indigenous forest which extends along the coastline. The gorgeous town offers visitors a chance to truly explore and experience the beauty of the Cape. The ecoregion has a subtropical/warm-temperate climate with rainfall year-round.

Come for holiday, come for healing

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Knysna is a top holiday destination offering amazing nature and forests for hikers and bikers, lovely beaches and lagoons and it lies near wine and tea farms and various animal sanctuaries.
Knysna offers a variety of top beauty, health and healing options where you can spoil yourself, destress, rejuvenate, heal or lose weight while on holiday. Definitely a must on anyone’s Bucket List.



Things to see and do –
• Cruise the lagoon on a ferry, inflatable boat, yacht or kayak
• Explore the indigenous forests by foot, mountain bike, non-motorised scooter horseback
• Enjoy the rush of adventure activities including whale watching, surfing, paragliding and bungee jumping
• Play golf on three world-class courses
• Participate in exciting annual festivals and events
• Get up close to elephants, monkeys, wolves, wild cats and other animals at numerous wildlife sanctuaries
• Soak up the sun on a pristine beach in Sedgefield, Buffalo Bay or Brenton-on-Sea
• Whale and dolphin sightings most of the year
• Learn about the rich culture and history of the area on a guided walk or tour
• Book a community tourism experience for a homestay or township tour
• Visit off the grid establishments and see Permaculture in practise
• Visit a Vegan restaurant and retreat

• We also have a host of wine and tea farms, beer and gin distilleries along the Garden Route if you want to stock up once you have completed your programme
• Take part in drumming, dancing, sweat lodge and other activities