Wellness Programmes


If you seek a new way of living; a formula for wellness; guidance in undoing the harm from stress and lifestyle, or a yearning to adopt a healthier and happier daily routine, we invite you to experience the healing, soul rejuvenating programmes offered here in the Garden Route.

Everyone has their own unique issues they are dealing with and depending on each situation the programmes can be customised. Our expert team of practitioners, therapists and instructors work together to create a synergistic fusion of integrated wellness, so that all our clients can achieve supreme life enhancement and happiness.

Our programmes include:

  • Individual specialised health, nutrition & wellness consultations
  • Treatments
  • A comprehensive programme support manual with one on one support via email and WhatsApp and a Facebook Support Group 
  • The natural medicines and supplements you will need for the duration of the programme.

The Process:


First step is to book a consult and complete a client form. You will then have an online or in person session with Gillian O’Shea, followed by a Biosonic Resonance Pathomorphology Scan to assess your current health state. This assessment can be performed in person or via nail and hair DNA samples which you post to us.


Based on the outcomes of your consultation, history and scan we will provide a customised solution for your health and wellbeing and provide you with a report.

Customised treatment

Treatment will include biofeedback therapy, frequency therapy, coaching, energy therapy, wellness protocols, supplementation and dietary/lifestyle recommendations. Ongoing support is provided throughout your process.


Radical Transformation in 90 Days