Garden Route, Gateway to Wellness

One in four people are being diagnosed with ‘auto immune’ diseases or ‘mystery illnesses. There are now over 100 of these lifestyle diseases.

Depression, inflammation (pain), allergies are on the rise. Stress is affecting almost everyone. ‘Disease management’ is a thriving business worldwide. Something is not working. In fact, we are getting sicker. We have bought into a lies – if an organ isn’t functioning properly just remove it, and, there is a chemical medication solution for every symptom.

We all aspire to more Joy, Love, Happiness and Abundance. We can all do with some support and guidance in this journey.

Its my opinion that wellness practitioners and healers from medical and alternative fields, who feel called to serve others, should collaborate more. No one person has all the answers.
There is a rise of Holistic Wellness businesses across the globe, where a single space incorporates a variety of offerings to support clients in achieving mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and balance.

Holistic Wellness, Integrative wellness, encompasses the food and beverages we eat and drink, how we move our body, how we keep our mind healthy, healthy thoughts, healthy spirit, healthy energy. Our wellness is influenced internally by our thoughts, metabolic processes and toxicity and externally by the air we breathe to the substances, stressors and people we are exposed to.

Why Gateway to Wellness?

A collaboration, launched in Knysna, a town along the famous Garden Route in South Africa, which aspires to offer clients worldwide some of the smartest and all round balanced assistance, support and solutions to their wellness, in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Knysna, in fact the entire Garden Route, has the most amazing healing energy. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And its best kept secret – it houses many talented, connected light workers and healers!’

Gateway to Wellness is a portal, a repository, showcasing all the amazing beings and their wellness offerings within Knysna and the greater Garden Route. We aim to provide many collaborations which will serve to help others heal, reconnect and find Bliss.