Garden Route Retreats

Our 3, 5, 10 day (or longer) concierge retreat format where guests can take refuge in one of our partner accommodation venues, to rest a while, to recover, heal and reboot under guidance of our team.

If you seek a new way of living, a formula for wellness, guidance in undoing the harm from stress and lifestyles and a yearning to adopt a healthier and happier daily routine … we invite you to experience the healing, soul rejuvenating energy of the The Garden Route, South Africa or as its known – Garden of Eden.

Our expert team of practitioners, therapists and instructors work together to create a synergistic fusion of integrated wellness, so that all our guests can achieve supreme life enhancement and happiness.

All our programmes include:
• farm-to-table organic cuisine

• opportunities to walk and connect with the nature in our forests and on our beaches

• individual health, nutrition & wellness consultation

• Body bio quantum or NLS assessments as a baseline

• Iridology and sclerology consultation

• Kinesiology consultation

• Daily relaxation and leisure activities (such as Pilates, Stretch, Yoga, meditation Pranayama breathing, Dance, sound therapy, healthy food and nutrition preparation classes and other group classes)

• Massages

• Hocatt therapy (Steam, carbonic acid, ozone, oxygen, rife, far infrared, photon light therapy, aromatherapy oils)

• Sightseeing day trips of our beautiful town and beaches where we will attempt a dolphin and whale sighting

• Ongoing support for 3 months after you leave us including a comprehensive support manual with nutritional plans, recipes and tips

Additional treatments such as cryolypolisis, physio, chiro, botox, additional massages etc can be arranged at additional costs. Please specify your requirements and we will customise a solution for you. Customised adventure or leisure activities can also be arranged depending on your preference.

Contact details

+27 65 924 7332

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