Full Circle Women’s Retreat

🥀 4 to 6 November 2022 🥀

🔥Well-Being Sanctuary 🔥

🍄 Call Mariette 0662568468 🍄

Use your Fire

not to Fight

but to Ignite

All your Desire

We are creating our self and our world out of our own consciousness.

The fire of our desire and the power of our passion is the spark that ignites feelings that generate e-motions.

Our deepest desires therefore moves our energy to create and bring to life the frequencies that we think and transforms, transmits and informs matter.

This creative process literally gives form and shape to the energy that creates the world and the reflection of self we experience in this world.

You are connected to Source, you channel this powerful Creative Force.

You are a Powerful Being and collectively we are responsible for all we see and experience.

This is a time of collaboration and building the collective energetic field more consciously so we can enjoy our deepest desires manifest into our reality.

We can leave an inspirational upgraded program for the next generation to improve on further.

Love and Elemental Light

Selah Joy

Mariette Carstens

Kat Zijl


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