Radical Transformation in 90 days

Radical – complete, thorough, progressive
Transformation – change, alteration, conversion
If you are reading this, you may have come to realize that a change may be necessary in your life.

We are all energy. When we create positive loving change within our lives, we shift energy for others and our planet. It starts with YOU.

Why 90 days you may be wondering? Well, we will be working with your body’s natural regeneration process.

I urge you to not define yourself by disease, symptoms, discomfort, or trauma. This imbalance is just part of your current story. Your challenges are your lessons which, overcome and learnt, become your blessings, teachings, and your gifts to the world.

I believe all ‘dis-ease’ stems from 3 things:
1. pathogens (and parasitic people/situations),
2. toxicity (chemical and thoughts) and
3. stress (perceived or real). It is all that which drains your life energy and weakens your immunity.

I will assist you to address these 3 causal factors during this 90-day journey.
We humans are beautiful complex beings with spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, vibrational and energy dimensions. Our imbalances may be messages or signs for which we need to learn or look at to address, to attain more balance in our life. They could turn out to be the very things which become the blessings we use to gift of ourselves to the world.


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