In about September 2019, I consulted Andre at Natural Healing in Knysna. (not a great fan of main stream medicine).
I had been feeling “flat” for some time…it is a slow process, then one day one realises that energy levels etc are just low, some everyday tasks become a chore…life loses that sparkle that should always be there.
My memory had been deteriorating for some time…and this was really starting to bother me.
I had also had some episodes of lightheartedness…and as I have no history of blood pressure problems, this was an added concern.
Andre’s main diagnoses were of parasites, for which he provided a clean-out course of medicine, and a lack of oxygen flow to my brain. There was more, however the parasite cleansing was to be the beginning.
Andre also consulted Gillian O’Shea…who sat and listened to me and suggested a kinesiology consultation.
Gillian is very thorough.
Her consultations left me feeling positive and peaceful, and her advice on diet, breathing exercises and various other health tips most definitely complimented my treatment and recovery.
Gillian also suggested a short course of Rife treatments…which I completed.
This process was over a couple months….
There is no doubt….my memory started improving, and noticeably…remembering people and events which really amazed me. And has continued to improve…certainly not gone backwards at all.
My energy levels improved…no more “mid day slump”, and in fact one’s outlook changes…chores and various things one has to do are no longer a hassle.
At the time of starting these consultations I was on a course of medication after an epileptic fit in April 2018.
Some weeks into treatment with Gillian and Andre I weaned myself off the medication…with no adverse effects whatsoever.
I am now 69yrs old…and am convinced that with a little care and help and advice like I received from Gillian and Andre, life can continue healthily and pleasantly…and with that sparkle.
Gavin Foster