Gillian O’Shea

Gillian is dedicated to working with her clients to identify and clear  blockages, obstacles, imbalances and stressors that stand in the way of achieving goals, heal, have more energy and more happiness.

“I believe there are really only 3 causes of imbalance (disease); stress (real and perceived) toxicity and pathogens.

Our bodies are our messengers and if you know how to tap into your body you can heal yourself. Everyone deserves to live their best, fullest life and I want to be of assistance and service to anyone who reaches out and is ready to take responsibility for their health. Together, through faith, anything is possible.”

Gillian O’Shea is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner with 19 years training and experience in Specialised Kinesiology, EFT, NLP, NOT, energy healing, frequency medicine, massage, nutrition, Rife, NLS diagnostics and permaculture. She has extensive experience in sales and marketing. Her dream is to change the paradigm of disease management to wellness management and grow the awareness that the Garden Route in South Africa is an ideal wellness destination. She does this in many ways from practicing in Knysna, facilitating small retreats and collaborating with other wellness practitioners.


065 924 7332