I was suffering with constant headaches, pain in both legs, stiff shoulders, chronic heartburn, poor vision in one eye, numbness in left arm from time to time, anxiety, and lower back pain. The massages I have received with Gillian have helped calm my body and mind, reduce my lower back pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders.
I was amazed by the fact that Andre could examine and see things just by looking into my eyes and doing the NLS scan. He took his time examining me, there was no rush. He explained everything in detail to me. I am extremely impressed with the results of me being on this journey and I have been recommending this to all my friends and colleagues.
This program is so easy to follow, it is not expensive, and Gillian explained everything in full detail. There has been constant contact on how I am doing and guidance.
The results so far are amazing. My headaches are gone. My leg pain is reduced to nearly no pain. My lower back pain is also reduced. I lost 6 kilograms after the first cleansing. I can eat things that I could not eat without getting heart burn before. I have not had to take a pain killer since I have started with this program. My anxiety levels are reduced, I can handle lots of pressure without a stiff neck. I feel brand new and full of energy. My vision improved in my one eye that specialists declared blind.
My life partner also went, and he was amazed by the outcome. My employer also went and got some of the products and made an appointment for her and her mother. She used the neck spray and could feel results within minutes.
In the beginning when I started the programme it felt overwhelming, but with dedication and faith you can see the results within days. Just the fact that I now realise you don’t heal your body with pain pills , but rather by treating the root cause, really impress me and makes a difference in my life. For the first time my body and mind connect with earth through natural healing.
Gillian thank you so much for all your love and care. You really go the extra mile and really want to make a difference that I could feel and see.
I am excited and looking forward to my full 90 days of transformation!