Itinerary for your Spirit Safari



We will provide you with a nurturing environment where you will be guided, encouraged and supported in the release of physical, emotional and energetic blocks, healing from pain and trauma, and letting go of limiting beliefs. All this with the shared intention of helping you live your very best life.

While on this holistic retreat, we will set in motion the various steps required to reset your body and restore your vitality, while reinforcing your connection to your higher self. We will talk and laugh, connect and explore, as we bring about healing and growth at the deepest level.  We will also provide you with the knowledge, inspiration and tools required to continue your journey well beyond this gathering and into your daily life. A life to which you are sure to return with a deeper sense of peace, joy, love, gratitude, purpose and fulfillment.

This retreat forms part of a 90 Day Transformation Programme in which you can literally create a new you between 90 and 365 days! Your team of dedicated retreat facilitators will share with you how to do this and you will receive ongoing support on your journey for 3 months after you have departed.



With its temperate climate, breath-taking views, unspoiled beaches, indigenous rain forests and abundance of wildlife, The Garden Route continues to grow in popularity as a perfect paradise destination.

Our gorgeous lodgings:

  1. Located on the serene Leisure Isle – Knysna’s natural island – where we enjoy easy access to lagoon swimming and beach walks, as well as spectacular views of the famous Knysna Heads, where the lagoon meets the sea.
  2. The Elephant Park -where we will engage with the resident elephants while on retreat.


You will be lovingly guided and supported every step of the way by our local team of wellness specialists. Nutrition expert Dr Melody Fourie, Specialised Kinesiologist Gillian O’Shea, Naturologist André Slabbert, and Iyengar Yoga practitioner Marion Witte.



All meals are specially prepared for you by our Doctor of Nutrition. Made entirely from scratch using the freshest, locally sourced organic ingredients, with menus tailored to your specific health needs and tastes. As we nourish the body, we nourish the soul.


Inward Journeys

Every morning, after breakfast, we will embark on an inward journey of discovery, growth and awakening. Deepening our connection with God/Source/The Universe (whichever description you are most comfortable with) and opening us to the realm of infinite possibility that exists when body, mind and soul are brought into alignment. There will also be quiet time, where you can simply process, absorb and connect.

Included treatments:

Kinesiology consultations

Nutritional consultations

NLS and Iridology assessments


Meditation and Breathing exercises

Massage treatments

Elective treatments:

Additional massages

Beauty pampering treatments

Rife treatments

Ozone treatments

Symphony of Cells

Brain Tapping

Emotional healing interaction of Equine Therapy




Outward Adventures

After each morning’s inward, soul-deep processing, we will venture “outward”, exploring the very best that the Garden Route has to offer. We will stroll along endless beaches, walk through the ancient rain forests, and seek out Knysna’s Small 5 – the Knysna Loerie, the Knysna dwarf chameleon, the Phantom moth, the Brenton Blue butterfly, and Knysna’s spirit animal, the Knysna seahorse.  All the while deepening our discussions, processing the morning’s inward journey and preparing for the next day’s transformative interaction.

Included activities:

Beach walks

Forest walks


Visit the Knysna Seahorse

Fat wheel scooter Knysna town, waterfront and Thesen Island sightseeing exploration

Paddle cruiser trip across the Knysna Lagoon, visit to Featherbed Nature Reserve Eco experience including lunch


Elective activities:

Internationally acclaimed wildlife sanctuaries, where you can get up close and personal with Africa’s big cats, delight in the kaleidoscope of birds in the world’s biggest free-flight aviary, or walk among dozens of playful monkeys and other primates.

Take a boat trip onto the ocean to find dolphins and whales frolicking in the surf.

Explore the Wine route between Knysna and Plettenberg bay.

Zip lining or Bungi jumping at Storms River.

Cultural township tour or tour of our Rastafarian community village.

Travel Arrangements & Costs

Our travel partner will assist you with all the arrangements and will provide you with a comprehensive itinerary. All you need to do is arrive and relax. You will fly to South Africa, to be collected from George or Port Elizabeth airport. From there, you will be transferred to your accommodation,  where we will handle your entire  experience.  Self-drive and fly-in packages are available.

*Flights, travel, elective treatments and elective activities not included.

Numbers are limited to 8 people for this unique, concierge, life-changing experience. Don’t miss out!

For bookings:

The Travelling Agent, Heather Sands +27 (0)84 225 9330 /

For enquiries:

Gillian O’Shea +27 (0)65 924 7332 /


Knysna’s Spirit animal is the Knysna seahorse, only found here. We have chosen this lovely creature as our icon for these retreats and you will definitely get to view them while you are on retreat with us.


Why consider Knysna as your wellness travel destination?

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