25 September – Hormones Reset

When you develop resistance to your seven major metabolic hormones—cortisol, thyroid, testosterone, growth hormone, leptin, insulin, and estrogen—your body adjusts by increasingly raising your hormone levels and ultimately slowing down your metabolism. And a slower metabolism leads to weight gain and difficulty losing weight. Dr. Sara Gottfried’s research proved that the solution is to reset the efficiency of your hormones by repairing and growing new hormone receptors.
In 21 days we will help you:
• Boost your metabolism and calorie burning by growing new and fresh thyroid receptors;
• Increase your weight loss by re-balancing estrogen and progesterone receptors;
• Reverse your aging by resetting glucocorticoid receptors (for better processing cortisol).

Dr Mel’s podcast

In just 21 days you can heal your metabolism,  reset your hormones and lose up to 10 kg’s at the same time. Come learn how.

Take an extended lunch break on Wednesday 25 September and do something for yourself.

Wellness Wednesday, is an exciting monthly initiative brought to you by Gateway to Wellness, a team of ‘Holistic’ doctors, healers and practitioners. It’s an initiative that creates a space where you can find your tribe – your community – allowing you to participate and be supported by like-minded people and take some time to reflect and journey into your higher self.

Images from some of our previous workshops

We have chosen the new Knysna Theatre as our venue for these monthly events in order to support another new local business and also because they have the space for us to be able to offer demonstrations, talks and body work therapies for larger groups.

What to expect:

  • 12pm-12:30pm
    • Welcome/registration beverages
  • 12:30pm-12:50pm
    • Presentation by Gillian, Holistic Wellness Practitioner
      • What are the main triggers which bring about hormonal imbalance
      • Misguided solutions and how they create further disruption
      • There is hope
  • 12:50pm-13:10pm
    • Dr Mel explains the 21 day Hormone Reset programme
  • 13:10pm-13:30pm
    • Dr Mel and Gillian demos healthy plant based nutrition recipe for hormone reset  diet and we enjoy lunch and chat
  • 13:30pm-14:00pm
    • Birgit presents benefits of essential oils on hormones
  • 14:00pm-14:20pm
    • Guided Mindfulness Meditation

One lucky attendee will receive our programme worth R1650 for FREE!

One lucky attendee will receive a copy of Dr Melody Fourie’s 300 page Functional Medicine Recipes e-book worth R200.

One lucky attendee will receive a quality essential oil from Do Terra valued at R300

All those attending the talks will receive a 50% discount off this powerful programme if they elect to take this journey with our support.

Entry to the event is R200 plus a dog or cat food item which we will hand to KAWS on your behalf. We only have limited seating so kindly RSVP by email to gillianosheamail@gmail.com or whatsapp 065 924 7332 no later than 23 September to join in the fun.

Banking details for payments:

Terra Madre SA (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB
Account no:62473027764
Branch no: 261649
Cheque account

Knysna Theatre, 16 Main Rd, Knysna


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