Q&A: Pathogens

Q: Do we all have pathogens?
A: We all have a microbiome made up of good, synergistic, and bad organisms so yes there is varying amounts of pathogens in everyone. I believe there are 3 causes of imbalance namely Pathogens, Toxins and Stress so yes Pathogens is the first one I look for when a client presents with symptoms of imbalance.

Q: What are the most common types of pathogens?
A: Worms, flukes, amoeba’s, protozoa, bacteria’s, viruses, fungus are all pathogens. Our intelligent immune system manages these populations, however when it can no longer manage, due to stress or overload, then they become opportunistic and cause symptoms.

Q: How do we get them and what symptoms do they cause?
A: We’re exposed to parasites constantly, from eating uncooked meat or fish, to walking barefoot or sleeping in a bed with a pet, being licked by pets, swimming in lakes and dams, eating out at restaurants, from fresh produce, from body fluids and so on. The most common ones I see when I perform BioResonance Health Scans are amoebas, flukes, and spirochetes. Amoebas are very common in the summer; and in clients who travel to other countries like India, Mexico Thailand, etc. because you can get them from drinking bad water (giardia and entamoeba histolytica are common ones). Amoebas cause diarrhea. There are different kinds of flukes and I also see these often in my practise. One goes to the liver and another to the lungs and another one that goes to the bloodstream. Spirochetes, the bacteria that cause Lyme and syphilis, are said to be transferred through tick bites or sexual contact but I am seeing them in children who are not sexually active so I believe research will still show that they can be transferred from a mother’s microbiome in childbirth and other parasite bites but that’s just my observations.
Although it’s found in all humans and serves a function, candida can be considered a pathogen because under the right environment (compromised immune system, bad diet) it can over populate and cause many symptoms like thrush, bloating, itchiness, irritability, insomnia, lower back pain, brain fog, fatigue, headache and thrush.
BioResonance scans are also revealing that about 90% of the people I see have active EBV (Epstein Barr Virus), which I believe is the cause of most so called auto immune diseases. This correlates with the global research. Around 40% of scans also show active Cytomegalovirus and very often accompany a history of heart issues and strokes. The research on this is very limited but I have found some research supporting this finding.
And then the main bacteria’s that present themselves are various Strepp and Staph strains which cause all types of infections.

Q: What are the most common signs that someone has pathogens?
A: There are so many signs, from teeth grinding during sleep, to nose picking, constant throat clearing and itchy butt, itchy skin and itchy ears. Digestive disturbances and diarrhea are common symptoms of amoebas, and constipation often indicates a hookworm, as does lung and sinus congestion, which typically goes hand in hand with a clogged digestive system. Bloating and gas could be caused by an amoeba or by candida.
The skin is the largest detoxification organ so worms often cause rashes and psoriasis. Achy joints and rheumatoid arthritis can be caused by tissue parasites, and bad breath is another sign of a parasitic infection.
Fatigue, exhaustion, and brain fog are also common symptoms of parasites. Almost always once I’ve put clients through a parasite program, and after they have experienced some die off symptoms, they come through feeling energized. Pathogens left to cause long term damage and fatigue can lead to depression, anger, fertility and neurological issues.

Q: How would one go about getting diagnosed as having a pathogen?
A: Parasites can be found in tissue, stool, blood, and saliva. An integrative doctor with an awareness of the effects of pathogens can perform these various tests and treat.
I make use of quantum science, biofeedback and the use of BioResonance to perform an overall health scan to check pathogen load.

Q: What do you mean by Quantum Science?
A: In general, conventional medical tests are based in Newtonian science from the 17th century. These tests may reveal some biochemical function and some pathological manifestations. Quantum science looks at the interconnection between everything that exists in this universe. So, everything, including us, has some field of energy with specific characteristics, and each organ and cell and pathogen in our body omits its own unique energy frequencies. Analysis via BioResonance is an evaluation method that, in part, utilizes resonance techniques to evaluate the body’s frequencies and helps determine what kind of pathological factors contribute to conditions.
While a typical blood test would use blood chemistry to see how someone might deviate from a preset reference range, analysis with BioResonance also evaluates an individual from an energetic point of view. We can evaluate toxicity, pathogens, stresses, tissue pH, the function of the autonomic nervous system, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, and dysbiosis (microbial imbalance). Overall, this method takes into account how every person is unique—from pathogens to genes, gene expression, toxic exposures, environmental stressors, and emotional trauma.

Q: What is the connection between pathogens and toxins?
A: If you have a body system with a low vibrational field or a weakened immune system, you’re more susceptible to invasion by pathogens and they really thrive in an environment of heavy metals, chemicals, and radiation. Heavy metals and chemicals have a low vibrational frequency that causes our cells to slow down and lose their vitality. Radiation and EMF, can cause agitation in the cells, creating weakness in our neurological and immune systems.

Q: How did you develop your treatment protocols?
A: Well firstly I do not treat disease. As an energy practitioner I address imbalance in energy. Every medical modality from Western to Chinese to Ayurveda has a unique method for clearing the body of parasites. My protocol is based on years of research of all these and a host of practitioners who have either won Nobel Peace prizes and or ran a host of clinics with many success stories and research to back up their protocols. I have added my 18 years of learning from studying kinesiology and practising mind body balance. In the last 3 years I have pursued the use of technology and frequency medicine because I believe we should always keep learning and applying new methods in the pursuit of wellness and ultimately to Feel good about our lives.
It is my truth that our bodies are hugely intelligent, very seldom break down and just fall apart and often, the symptoms we experience are intelligent body responses to facilitate survival. Left unchecked and unaddressed, these can ultimately then lead to serious health issues.

Q: Are pathogens preventable?
A: As mentioned earlier, its natural and we all have a unique microbiome containing some pathogens. The key here is to ensure they do not become active – or actively cause damage and symptoms. This is achieved by maintaining a strong immune system, keeping our bodies alkalised, getting enough rest, and managing stress. Just because you’ve gotten rid of a parasite doesn’t mean you won’t get one again! It is wise to perform a pathogen cleanse at least once a year to support your immune system especially if you travel and have pets.
I would also add a heavy metal/chemical detox to this and a liver flush, followed by probiotic support.

Gillian O Shea is an energy practitioner and wellness coach. She has been in practice since 2003 and founded Gateway to Wellness in 2018 to provide a global gateway to energy medicine wellness for all. Her health and cleansing programs have been assisting her clients for over 10 years.

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