How does NASA treat health issues in astronauts in space?

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This is something I have wondered about. There’s no space to take a doctor, nurses and all sorts of large equipment and medicines up into space for months at a time.

So, I went searching and this is what I found.

In his book, written by M Allegretti (2018), The Therapeutic Properties of Electromagnetic Waves: From Pulsed Fields to Rifing, there is a chapter:

NASA’s research on electromagnetic waves
I have often said in my lectures: “I did a lot of research on the web, just out of curiosity, to see if I found a single article, about how astronauts are treated on orbital stations for any health issues or diseases, since they stay there for many months. Well, I have never been able to find an answer. So I asked myself, how do astronauts treat themselves, if not with these methods? ” At a conference that I organized, there was a retired doctor who had worked at NASA. At the end of my lecture, this doctor introduced himself and we started to talk a little on the subject. He confirmed that my statements and deductions were completely accurate, and that NASA owns state-of-the-art technologically advanced and sophisticated electromagnetic equipment. NASA has invested a lot of money into the research on the therapeutic use of electromagnetic waves.

In another article I found this info:
To talk to astronauts as they conduct research beyond Earth’s atmosphere, NASA also heavily relies on telemedicine, a practice that has become more familiar during the coronavirus pandemic. The “smart medical systems” allow physicians to not only diagnose ill astronauts while they work in arguably one of the most remote environments, but also provide treatment options. (

You can read more about the use of wave technology in space here.

The subject of health management in space is far larger than just electromagnetic wave technology but I am only focusing on this for purpose of this article to substantiate validity of use for wellness management.

This technology has been around since 1938 and research and advances have developed exponentially since then. Makes one wonder why it is not more mainstream and made available to all humanity.

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