Get to the bottom of mystery illness

So many people are suffering with a range of different symptoms that go undiagnosed for years and over time they slowly give way to a host of other problems, including tiredness, depression and severe gut issues.

Using a Functional Medicine approach has revolutionised many of our customers lives, from expecting to take a pill to realising that symptoms have a root cause and a lifestyle change is needed. It takes time and dedication, but the rewards can be lifechanging.

Functional Medicine represents a seriously credible solution. Our clients receive the support they need and enjoy a much shorter path back to health.

We believe that in providing you with your test results and relevant information in each section, your results can form the beginning of a journey, enabling you to make positive changes to your daily diet and environment, and address toxin and pathogen loads.

BioResonance as an assessment and treatment tool is becoming more popular all over the world from Dubai and Brazil to Russia, UK and Canada. And Rifing has been used effectively for years now to support the immune system and address pathogens very effectively.

Experience the benefits here in South Africa too. You can book a consult in person if you are in the Garden Route or send us a hair sample if you live elsewhere in the world.

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