BioResonance Therapy

BioResonance therapy for healing

Have you heard of Bioresonance therapy? It is a form of treatment designed to help the body initiate a natural healing process and has been proven to relieve symptoms of various conditions and even make them disappear. Many scientific studies have been conducted to reveal just how effective this service can be to assist in the management of certain conditions.

So how does it work? The short answer is that you sit in a chair and the non-invasive and painless technique measures the electromagnetic wave oscillations in various areas of your body via the BICOM machine. It detects potential disease or illness in the form of abnormal wave oscillations, separates the healthy and unhealthy waves, then strengthens the healthy waves and inverts the unhealthy waves.

All over the world more and more practitioners are introducing frequency medicine into their practices.
At Al Das Clinic in Dubai, Internal Medicine and Bioresonance Specialist, Dr. Sevdalina Velizarova explains. “All cells in the body, as well as viruses, bacteria, pollen and toxins emit electromagnetic waves, which can be detected by the Bioresonance BICOM machine. The device then uses the frequency patterns taken either from the body or from substances that are stressing the body and separates these waves into healthy and unhealthy components. The healthy waves can be boosted and sent back to the body to strengthen normal functions, while the unhealthy waves are ‘inverted’ to reduce their negative effect on the body.”

BioResonance provides positive effects on the treatment of asthma and allergic conditions, including hay fever and allergic rhinitis and treatment of skin-related allergic conditions, such as eczema.
Dr Velizarova says that many patients have come to seek BioResonance treatment for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, jetlag, skin disease, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis and even autism at her clinic.

In one study, Bioresonance therapy was used to treat an allergic condition in 213 children. In 52.5% of the treated patients, symptoms completely disappeared, and others experienced significant improvements in the symptoms that they were suffering from.

At Gateway to Wellness, we use BioResonance as part of our integrative approach together with Rife Therapy, Kinesiology, Iridology, Massage, hypnotherapy and natural, holistic supplementation and nutritional and lifestyle guidelines.

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