Wellness Wednesday 27 November @Knysna Theatre

Did you know?
👀 An Iridologist, by analysing your eyes, can pick up on issues you have had in the past and what you are likely to suffer with in the future should you not make some changes.
💪 A kinesiologist, through muscle testing, can pick up issues that are stressful for you on a mental, physical or emotional level and provide energy balancing.

😮 How so?
Well your wonderful intelligent body is the messenger and has all the evidence and all the answers. However, we have not been equipped to tune in, so we tend to go to others in search of answers to our health and wellness.

Find out what your eyes and body can reveal about your health or even emotional blockages and pain.

Take a clear picture of your eye {any one will do} , and email it to us {gillianosheamail@gmail.com}, together with your proof of payment {R200} for the 3 hour event.

We will randomly select 4 lucky winners from the confirmed bookings at the event. Two will receive a FREE analyses and recommendation from Naturologist Andre Slabbert and another two will receive a FREE mini kinesiology consult with Gillian O’Shea at the event. These 4 activities will form part of the demonstration for the rest of the guests to experience the power of these modalities.
(No personal or private information will be shared in open forum not to worry 😊 )

All those attending this event will also qualify for a 20% discount on either an Iridology or Kinesiology consult in December.

After the talks and demos we will enjoy 45 minutes of gentle yoga with Marion and then light healthy snacks and beverages.

Where: Knysna Theatre, Main Rd, Knysna

When: Wednesday 27 November from 10am to 12pm

hospice This month our local Hospice will be the benefiting charity.

9:30am-10am: Meet and greet and prize draws

10am-11am: Iridology/Sclerodology talk and demonstrations

11am-12pm: Kinesiology talk and demonstrations

12pm-12:45pm: Iyengar Yoga with Marion Witte from Herons Way Studio

12:45pm: Light healthy snacks and beverages and time to socialise


Banking details for payments:

Terra Madre SA (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB
Account no:62473027764
Branch no: 261649
Cheque account

Wellness Wednesday, is an exciting monthly initiative brought to you by Gateway to Wellness, a team of ‘Holistic’ doctors, healers and practitioners. It’s an initiative that creates a space where you can find your tribe – your community – allowing you to participate and be supported by like-minded people and take some time to reflect and journey into your higher self. www.gatewaytowellness.co.za

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