Q&A: Pathogens

The pathogen load in our microbiome explained – like bacteria, viruses, worms

Energy medicine is trending

Trend watchers all over the world have predicted for many years now that more and more people are looking to complementary and integrative health modalities for their health. This will be even more so in 2022 after we have experienced the effects that COVID and lockdowns has had on our lives. People are turning to…

Get to the bottom of mystery illness

Get to the bottom of mystery illness. So many people are suffering with a range of different symptoms that go undiagnosed for years and over time they slowly give way to a host of other problems, including tiredness, depression and severe gut issues.

BioResonance Therapy

BioResonance is based on the idea that unhealthy cells or organs emit altered electromagnetic waves. Detection of these waves can be used to diagnose disease, while changing these waves back to their normal frequency will treat disease.