Wellness Programmes

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If you seek a new way of living; a formula for wellness; guidance in undoing the harm from stress and lifestyles, or a yearning to adopt a healthier and happier daily routine, we invite you to experience the healing, soul rejuvenating programmes offered.

Everyone has their own unique issues they are dealing with and depending on each situation the programmes can be customised. Our expert team of practitioners, therapists and instructors work together to create a synergistic fusion of integrated wellness, so that all our clients can achieve supreme life enhancement and happiness.

All our programmes include:

  • Individual specialised health, nutrition & wellness consultations,
  • Kinesiology consultations,
  • A comprehensive programme support manual with one on one support via email and WhatsApp during the 3 month period for each programme
  • The natural medicines and supplements you will need for the duration of the programme.

5  core programmes:
Recoup – A customised recovery programme after trauma or surgical procedures.
Reboot – comprehensive programme to heal from illness and lifestyle diseases on all levels.
Rest – a programme focussed on recovering from stress and fatigue
Rebuild – a fat and weight loss programme, which is non-invasive, pain free, leaves no scars and requires no downtime. Lose up to 26% fat per treatment session at 70% the reduction in price of what liposuction costs.

Revive – a programme where you will get support, guidance and tools to find your purpose, your Bliss, your Sweet Spot, increase your energy vibrations, attract abundance and reconnect with your higher self.

For those who are not able to come to the Garden Route, we do have an online offering and support programme so you can still benefit from the core programme.

We also run the programmes in retreat formats so if you want to gift yourself with this wonderful experience book one of our retreats and come and experience the garden route..

Our clients get holistic, personalised, customised overall solutions to their wellbeing. There is a sense of community, collaboration for each person’s highest good, a safe place for sharing and growing and lots of support.

Here is a preview of the content we will share with you in your programme