Caroline Nel


She is a 2nd generation psychic/medium. For close to ten years, she has been using her ability to read auras, chakras, and energetic chords. Her connection to Spirit helps clients gain clarity in regard to the various areas of their lives, including their relationships, money and health. She has helped hundreds of people across the globe connect with loved ones that have passed on.
Her readings focus on healing rather than pure fortune telling. She uses the unconditional, non-judgmental love of Spirit. “I also make use of what I’ve learned from my own spiritual awakening to bring insight and healing for others. I channel opportunities for the future and practical advice on how to move forward,” says Caroline.

“My psychic abilities opened fully in 2010 at the start of a spiritual awakening. To learn to control and develop these abilities, I joined a spiritualist group in Encinitas, California, where I worked with a mentor and took classes in mediumship for over 2 years. I later studied with famous psychic/medium, Lisa Williams, in Los Angeles.”
Caroline has been doing readings in South Africa for over 7 years.

Types of Readings
Mediumship Reading – 45 minutes
With mediumship readings, I act as a conduit for a two-way conversation between my client and one or more loved ones who have crossed over. I cannot guarantee that a loved one comes through although it’s rare that communication cannot be established.
Psychic Reading – 60 minutes
With psychic readings, unless my client wants to guide the session with specific questions, I let Spirit take charge and I cover as many areas of life as possible within the time frame. I do not use tools such as cards, preferring to work directly with energy and Spirit. My focus is on emotional and spiritual healing.

Business Reading – 90 minutes
With a business reading, I start by identifying existing and future business and financial opportunities. I dive deeply into the energies involved, both current situation as well as what may be coming up. I am currently channeling many novel business ideas, coming about because of emerging technologies and the current instability in the world. I use my experience as a software engineer and knowledge of these emerging technologies to advice my clients, where helpful.

Readings can be down in person at our practice at The Art Centre, 4 Montagu Street in Knysna, or over WhatsApp, Zoom or by phone.

Contact information
Mobile: 079 575 8836