Spirit of Knysna Retreats 2020


Join us on a Spiritual Safari on our little Island, Leisure Isle, in Knysna in April, August or November 2020. For 10 days we will provide a nurturing space for you to connect with your higher self, release blockages, heal from pain and trauma and find your Bliss. Take this time for yourself to focus on your vision for 2020 and receive the tools and support that will help you.

The spiritual adventure of a lifetime awaits you in the warm heart of Africa!

Discover the power of your divine, limitless self

Remember who you REALLY are and why you are REALLY here

Heal your pain, blockages and limiting beliefs

Return home with the tools to transform your life into joyful, blissful abundance

Lovingly guided every step of the way by internationally acclaimed author, healer and facilitator, Zingdad, Dr of nutrition Dr Melody Fourie, Specialised Kinesiologist Gillian O’Shea, Naturologist Andre Slabbert and Iyengar Yoga practitioner Marion Witte.

Our travel partner will assist you with all the arrangements and provide you with a comprehensive itinerary so that all you have to do is be present and relax.

You will fly to South Africa, be collected from George or PE airport, transferred to your lovely accommodation on our Island, Leisure Isle, in the 4 star African Breeze, where we will handle your entire 10 day experience.


In the mornings, we will all join for breakfast, specially prepared for you by our Dr of nutrition. All your meals are made from scratch from the freshest, locally sourced, organic ingredients and are tailored to your health needs and tastes.

And while your body is being nourished… so is your soul. After breakfast we begin an inwards journey together. Imagine where we could go together if we had all the time and space to do it. Imagine the healing we could do together. The discovery. The growth. The awakening. Imagine how we could connect you to your magnificent, eternal Inner-Self. Imagine how we could meet and work with your guides. Your body-spirit. Your past-lives. Your soul-family. Healing your Shadow. Discovering your authentic power. Finding your Great Gift.

Imagine the great work we could do together, on our adventures “inwards” into your own psyche.

And our adventures will take you “outwards” too. Imagine how it would be if, after after each morning’s soul-deep-processing, we went exploring together.

There are customized options available. We could go walk with the Knysna elephants. Really, literally walking next to Elephants; touching them. Communion with these great gray spirits of the forest.

Or you could get to view Africa’s big cats – up close and personal. Or walk around among birds, monkeys and apes. We can interact with wolves, sea the rarest seahorse endemic to our region or take a ferry across the lagoons to view indigenous flora and learn about the history of Knysna. You could take a boat trip and explore whales and dolphins.

We will definitely go strolling on the endless beaches and walk through the ancient pristine rain forests this area is renowned for. All the while deepening our discussions. Processing the  inwards journey… preparing for the next day’s transformative interaction.

Knysna’s Spirit animal is the Knysna Seahorse, only found here. We have chosen this lovely creature as our icon for these retreats and you will definitely get to view them while you are on retreat with us.



Each day will also include yoga, meditation and your treatments with a kinesiologist, massage therapist and naturologist. We will also include supplementary options like Ozone therapy, Rife therapy and brain tapping.

There will also be quiet time where you can just take in the energy and spirit of Knysna, process, absorb and connect.

Come and touch the heart of the Oneness with us… And then return home, utterly transformed!

Self drive and fly in packages available.

For bookings and the full itinerary:

  • The Travelling Agent, Heather Sands 27 84 225 9330 heather@steltrav.co.za or
  • Gillian O’Shea 27 65 924 7332 gillianosheamail@gmail.com

Numbers are limited to 8 people so please make sure you book in time for this unique experience.

Why consider Knysna as your wellness travel destination?

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